When it comes to conferences, the 6th Annual Conference Marketing Conference is one-of-a-kind. We have been selling out seats for years, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Our beloved sponsors, like SpyFu, are the reason we can put on an event that is memorable and informative. Make sure you check out the SpyFu platform and ask their exceptional team how they can assist your business! 

Spyfu, SEO, & Content Marketing – Oh My!

It’s no secret that content must be engaging and informative. However, readers aren’t going to magically find your content just because it is created, edited, and posted. The best 2020 marketing strategies will combine content marketing and search engine optimization. Without this combination, the hours you put into your content marketing may be wasted. 

SEO is growing and molding with AI technology, which means the strategies and algorithms are always changing. It can be difficult to manage SEO without an effective tool or plugin to assist you and your website. SpyFu is able to make SEO easy and it allows you to conduct research like never before. You can search for your competitors’ domains and learn their hidden, secret formula they utilize for their own search engine marketing. When you type in a domain, you have access to any and all information that has ever appeared on Google. From every keyword purchases on AdWords and their variations to organic keyword rankings, all data for a specific domain from the past 13 years is available. 

SpyFu is an especially fantastic platform because it goes beyond competitor research. You can also use SpyFu to garner new leads. Information for social media handles, email addresses, phone numbers, and store locations may not be available online. SpyFu has the ability to display both online and traditional lead methods that aren’t available anywhere else online. 

With unlimited searched, downloads, and reports, you simply can’t go wrong. No business can afford to miss out on subscribing to SpyFu’s platform. Better still, customers who love SpyFu can also earn up to 40% monthly recurring commissions through their affiliate program. What is there not to love with SpyFu?! 

Humble Beginnings 

The company began in April 2005 under GoogSpy. it wasn’t long after that GoogSpy became SpyFu. Taking recommendations and innovative ideas to heart, the organization created a bigger, better, badder version of the original GoogSpy platform. The goal of the business has always been simple: help businesses gain access to information that can help them grow and scale faster than ever before. The company been based out of Scottsdale, AZ since its beginning. Keeping with the ever-changing methods of communication, SpyFu has adjusted their contact area on their website to include a life chat. However, if phones are still your weapon of choice, they are still easily accessible. 

A Message from the Founder

“Sponsoring CMC helps us connect with decision makers and prospect customers we don’t always get to hear from or talk to face to face. We always head home with new ways to think about challenges we’re facing or even to stretch beyond what we’re doing well. We’re out west in Arizona, so getting a fresh perspective from some of the sharpest minds in the industry is exciting. The team that puts this together is always looking for ways to blow the previous year out of the water. I think that attendees, speakers, and sponsors really all come together at this conference, and you get this kind of energy that spreads through the entire event.”

Mike Roberts, Founder, SpyFu – CMC Premium Sponsor

Join Us for CMC2020 on April 21-23 in Boston

Stay up-to-date with the industry’s latest information and technologies that can enhance your content marketing strategy. From comedy keynotes to interactive workshops, tool talks, and more, you’re sure to find something you love and/or haven’t heard about before at CMC2020. Remember, seats are limited and no additional spaces will be created to accommodate stragglers. Register now!


Since Emily T. has been able to hold a pencil, she has been a writer. She turned her passion for newspaper writing in grade school to teaching writer workshops in high school. She even self-published her own novella when she was only 17 years old. Upon graduating from the University of South Florida with two bachelor degrees (BS in marketing & BA in mass communications), Emily accepted a position at a digital marketing agency. She combined her writing abilities with her SEO knowledge to produce content in various industries. After a few years at the agency, Emily has decided freelance fulltime.