We’re one week closer to Content Marketing Conference 2020, and the Weekly Roundup is here to help you stay on top of the latest news in content marketing — plus everything you need to know about CMC 2020. Stop by each Friday, leading up to the conference, for laughs and helpful information. 

Did Your Content Make Anyone Smile Today?

What Happens When Comedy and Content Collide? via Content Marketing Conference

What’s content without comedy? Boring! 

That’s why we’ve infused CMC 2020 with comedy keynotes and plenty of opportunities to laugh and be entertained. You’ll also learn how to make your content funnier. By providing a single laugh, you’ll grab your audience’s attention and get them to like you. 

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Learn to Lay Down the Content Marketing Law

No One Can Break Your Content Rules, If They Don’t Exist via Content Marketing Institute

Every now and then, breaking the rules might make sense and garner excellent results. This positive outcome of the occasional broken rule might make you feel inclined to do away with all the content marketing rules or never write them down in the first place. 

Don’t create content marketing anarchy just yet! This article from Content Marketing Institute argues that rules are essential for creating order, efficiency, and a clear framework within which your content team can thrive. If they need to push boundaries from time to time, so be it, but the rest of the time you can relax and enjoy watching your well-oiled team run smoothly. 

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If You Attend One Conference This Year, Choose CMC 2020

The Content Marketing Conference You Don’t Want to Miss via Content Marketing Conference

Throughout the year, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to attend conferences around the country, so why should you choose Content Marketing Conference 2020? 

Firstly, it’ll be funny with plenty of opportunities to enjoy comedic keynotes. You can fill up your toolbox with an ample list of tool talks presented by representatives from content marketing, SEO, and content distribution companies. Enjoy masterclasses, additional keynotes, and fill out your content plans. Still not convinced? Content Marketing Conference provides 70 speakers, 50 sessions, 10 workshops, 10 keynotes, and 10 tracks!

Are You a One-Man or One-Woman Wolf Pack?

How to Fight the Isolation of Self-Employment via WriterAccess

Working in a traditional office environment can range from stifling to downright toxic, which is why many people choose to work for themselves in the first place. Others like the freedom and rewarding nature of taking one’s professional future into their own hands, while others decide to become self-employed as a solution to childcare or the challenges of caring for a sick family member. Whatever your reasons for being a self-employed content marketer or writer, the nature of the work can be quite isolating. 

This article from WriterAccess provides some clever solutions to combating the loneliness and cabin fever such as joining a gym, lunching with other freelancers, and even adopting a pet. Another wonderful way to get some much-needed human contact, while also bolstering your career, is to attend a conference like CMC 2020. So, if you haven’t signed up yet, do so for your sanity!

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