Established in 2016, Ceralytics is among the fresher faces on the content marketing scene, but it kicked up waves right from the start. Launching one of the world’s first content intelligence applications made it an instant bellwether of data-powered outreach trends. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with a founder of an unprecedented marketing movement?

WriterAccess is hugely excited to partner with outreach trendsetters, so Ceralytics seemed like a perfect sponsor for CMC 2020. Our experiences creating an AI-powered search tool with the University of Cambridge gave us a definite appreciation for seeing promising data science ideas transformed into mind-blowing marketing realities, and this is no exception.

The Ceralytics Portfolio

What’s in a leading machine-learning marketing platform? In Ceralytics’ case, it’s a healthy ecosystem of handy tools that blend futuristic data science with enlightening, accessible user dashboards. Here are some of the features and philosophies that draw attention from solo content creators, advertising execs, and digital marketing agencies alike:

Predictive Analysis

Modern data scientists use different types of machine learning to train software systems that promote effective outreach. Given a suitably robust data set, these algorithms can perform advanced tasks that make it easier to market smarter, not harder.

Imagine that a content strategist wanted to explore how users reacted to specific topics in the past. Instead of torturing themselves by reading thousands of social posts, they could use a sentiment analysis algorithm to do the legwork. From there, a predictive analysis algorithm might reveal how similar topics would likely fare in the future.

Staying involved in the conversation is a huge business booster – and it’s easier to keep up with a guide. The Ceralytics app works like a beacon that illuminates what’s coming down the road. Its topic-prediction tools point out where the discussion is going so that content managers can push for dialogue that heightens awareness and humanizes their brands.

Enhancing Engagement

Content engagement is a two-way relationship, but marketers often feel like they’re shouldering the bulk of the burden. As far as anticipating consumer mental states goes, the proliferation of digital content makes accurate predictions highly unlikely. With consumers constantly bombarded by ads, it’s not always possible to connect quite as smoothly as you hope.

Ceralytics’ data tools empower brands to draw a line between high-impact practices and wasteful outreach cash-sinks. The platform analyzes user needs to help you respond with a less guess-ridden content strategy. By connecting outreach practices and marketing asset publishing techniques to real data points, the Ceralytics team provides insights and structured campaign tips that yield more beneficial results.

Market Intelligence

Brand positioning takes a broad perspective. After all, trying to leverage your differentiators without an appreciation of what your audience expects is like fighting windmills — you’re better off stepping back and learning what you’re truly up against. For instance, a campaign manager might be wise to wonder how their value proposition stacked up against their competitors’ offerings.

In the digital marketing arena, putting content intelligence to good use demands an outstanding effort. Today’s audiences are far freer than previous generations once were. They consume whatever they want, and they can take their pick at a moment’s notice. According to Ceralytics, cultivating a stronger attunement to the bigger picture is a great way to position yourself as a fixture in the tableau.

Putting Faces to the Name

Want to talk shop with some of the experts from the Ceralytics team? Stop by for a chat at CMC 2020 in Boston. While you’re at it, get a better feel for the direction intelligent content marketing is headed by taking in some of the informative tool talks and exclusive keynotes. With more than 800 digital advertising leaders in one place, it’s the ideal occasion to brush up on actionable insider strategies.


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