While there certainly are ‘secret formulas’ for creating savvy content marketing strategies, Nicola Smith—founder and CEO of Rebel & Reason—proposes establishing innovative and groundbreaking campaigns through purpose-driven rebellion. In fact, she avidly declares purpose-driven rebellion as the ultimate entrepreneurial superpower weapon for standing out in a bursting marketplace!

Nicola is an industry leader and consultant who’s highly sought out by professionals that aren’t afraid to embrace revolutionary concepts and forward-thinking campaigns to propel their enterprises to unimaginable heights. Let’s learn more about this amazing woman and what we can expect at her Content Marketing Conference 2020 session, ‘Break The Rules: How Brave Brands Are Challenging The Status Quo.’

Rule Breaker Nicola Smith’s Seemingly Limitless Talents

Nicola Smith is a mover and shaker known for using strategic ‘disruptions’ as catalysts for opportunities rather than viewing them as potential business perils. Thanks to her profound ability to connect the dots between creative rebelliousness and problem solving, she excels at guiding clients to more effective and enduring mobile marketing, content development, social media campaigns and more.

As a maverick of marketing strategy and brand development, she spent 15 years assisting numerous Fortune 500 companies think beyond the ‘expected’ and hone in on opportunities through corporate innovation and R & D initiatives. With much success in those endeavors, ‘Nicola the Rule Breaker’ moved on to new roles as the founder and CEO of the marketing consultancy and training company REBEL & REASON.

Her drive and passion to help others compelled Nicola to help found the Silicon Peach speaking series and Digital Divas, which mentors women in tech and digital based fields. She is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise entrepreneur, public speaker and corporate consultant that provides a broad array of customized services and solutions for brands around the world. Let’s delve into all the rule breaking tips Nicola’s session will offer attendees at CMC 2020.

About ‘Break The Rules: How Brave Brands Are Challenging The Status Quo’

The one and only Nicola Smith presents this 40-minute groundbreaking session that takes place as a part of the 2020 Content Marketing Conference on April 23, 2020. Attendees will be treated to her iconic lesson ‘Break the Rules: How Brave Brands Are Challenging the Status Quo.’ She’ll provide invaluable information about how we should break the rules and how the modern era of business literally calls for entrepreneurs and brands to do just that in order to thrive.

Some topics she’ll cover include:

  • How to identify whether conformity is diminishing your brand and how to cease it.
  • How bold brands are strategically becoming rule breakers beyond their conventions to differentiate themselves.
  • Finding new customer segments by challenging your current brand marketing and optimizing lead strategies.
  • Driving more meaningful and enduring engagements with customers.
  • Providing real life examples of how challenging the status quo can boost your brand overall.

You’ll learn all of these rule breaking techniques and more from one of the innovators of its use in content creation and marketing!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See Nicola Smith and Dozens of Innovators at CMC

Whether your simply looking to explore the vast realm of the cultural nuances shaping the business landscape or how to be a mover and shaker that changes the game, you’ll find it all at the 6th Annual Content Marketing Conference. Register for CMC 2020 soon to qualify for Early Bird booking discounts, and be sure to book the All Access Pass to enjoy every aspect of the conference including membership to the awesome CMC Academy.


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