Melissa Sciorra knows how to travel right. One of her most recent tweets(@mel_arriocs) was all about “if you fall into the nervous traveler camp, the right gear and prep can tone down your anxiety and bring some much needed relief. #travelstress #traveltips” She’s the perfect person to be giving this advice considering she is the Senior Manager SEO for SmarterTravel, a TripAdvisor company. SmarterTravel is a website that specializes in expert tips on travel, great destinations for memorable vacations, the latest travel gear, and will even allow you to book your trips through their website. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to travel like a pro. Plus, most of the advice comes directly from Melissa’s targeted content marketing efforts. 

Melissa is the Go-To SEO Pro to Know

In her role as Senior Manager SEO, she is the one who works on content marketing strategy for the brand, implementing it on various websites, and has grown the brand’s reach by over 100 percent in the last year. 

This is clearly a content marketing specialist who knows the ins and outs of the business. That’s why she will lead two separate workshops. One is a MasterClass on Content Strategy which is three hours long and takes place on April 21 at 9 am. Her partner in this MasterClass is none other than our fearless leader, Byron White, who is the chair and founder of the conference. 

The other one is a lecture presentation on Advanced SEO: Competitive Intelligence, Modern Scraping and More on April 22nd at 3 pm, which will last for 40 minutes. Both promise to be informative looks into how to craft excellent content that caters to a brand’s SEO needs. 

Some of the tips and tricks that Melissa will explore are how to find tools to organize topics, titles, and tags, using XPath and Screaming Frog Web Crawler, and an insider’s look at the most updated tools for spot-on SEO that delivers results. 

Some of Melissa’s Achievements

Some of Melissa’s most important accomplishments in her career include a nomination for SEMPRO’s Industry MVP. She has also won both PR’s Daily Digital and News Awards for Best SEO. Both of these awards speak highly of how Melissa is able to have her SEO efforts stand out among a crowded marketplace of less than stellar content in the travel world. Her depth of knowledge in how to rank high in Google are something you are going to want to be privy to. 

All of her editorial brands reach more than 200 million people each month. Some of those brands include,,, and 

A New Yorker at Heart 

Based out of Boston, this New York native loves to ride her stationary bike and never turns down a great glass of bourbon. Her educational background includes a BS from SUNY Albany in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. With her expertise she is definitely a popular addition to any marketing conference and was a part of four major marketing conferences in 2019 alone. Those included, Digital Summits in Chicago and Boston, Brand Innovators, and of course last year’s Content Marketing Conference

If you can catch both of her classes at this year’s CMC 2020, it will be well worth you time and attention. Melissa is definitely an expert in SEO with experience and skills that make her one of the most prominent content marketers in the world. 



Kelly R. is a Beauty Editor and experienced copywriter, with a keen eye for creating all kinds of marketing content that sells. Having a background in journalism, she has written for many different online and print publications including Allure, Mode Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Seminole, and The New Yorker. As a published author, her book on beauty and style is available at bookstores nationwide and at Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores.