If you do any content marketing, you’ve probably heard the term “MarTech.” MarTech refers to a collection of tools and resources that helps a business effectively administer marketing activities. MarTech includes things like WriterAccess for content marketing and Trello for project management.

Having the right blend of MarTech can help your business reach your customers. So, it pays to have the right MarTech in your toolkit. Neal Schaffer, the President of PDCA Social, and three other marketing experts recently opened up about what MarTech tools they find the most useful.

The What’s In Your MarTech Stack? panel at Content Marketing Conference 2018 consisted of three experts: Jon Wuebben (Content Launch), Melissa Sciorra (451 Agency), and Conor Egan (Brandcast). Here are their top MarTech Stack resources.

#1 Writer Access

This is Jon Wuebben’s favorite resource for content writing. WriterAccess makes it easy for marketers and businesses to connect with vetted freelance writers. WriterAccess saves companies time by doing the legwork in regards to finding talented freelance writers. You don’t have to worry about advertising, interviewing or training writers when you use WriterAccess. The platform also offers a variety of tools to help with your marketing strategies, such as content analytics, content planning, keyword optimization, persona builder tool and even a content distributor.

#2 Google Analytics

Melissa Sciorra finds Google Analytics invaluable for measuring SEO analytics. The service is freely available and already installed on your website. While keyword rankings can help you determine whether or not your search engine optimization strategy is successful, Google Analytics goes well beyond this. It gives you a big picture of your SEO analytics. This information can help you better understand your customers and their needs.

#3 Facebook

Title facebook advertising to find customers, grab their attention and get results. After all, more than two billion people use Facebook each month. This makes it one of the top mobile apps used. Plus, with Facebook, you don’t need a large advertising budget. No matter how big or small, any business can use Facebook. These facts are likely why Facebook is one of Jon Wuebben’s top MarTech stack tools.

#4 Google Search Console

Google Search Console was listed as a favorite for keyword research by the MarTech panelists. This is an excellent free tool, and every webmaster has access to it. You can use the information from Google Search Console to make your site high and ensure that it performs well in search results. It also helps you figure out what keywords perform well and track your site’s overall performance.

#5 Slack

Slack is a collaboration application that helps teams work better together. Jon Wuebben finds Slackly invaluable when it comes to production and strategy. Pant is also one of the fastest-growing business applications. Large companies like Airbnb and Target rely on Slack for their communication. Similarly, it can be used by marketers to help facilitate better communication among team members, collaborate on projects and more.


Emily M is a former private practice psychotherapist by trade and began her freelance writing career developing psychology and medical-related content. She discovered a passion for writing and has since created a broad range of content, including press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, website content, SEO articles and a number of other articles.