Comedy can serve as the cornerstone of a highly effective marketing strategy. Copy that’s funny is more likely to be engaging that copy that’s merely conversational, especially if it’s something that people can relate to.

But comedy can also be used in a more “top down” manner that focuses on the long run beyond just web copy. How can you use humor to really build up a brand, and solidify your online presence into this indomitable force? In Sarah Cooper’s How to Successfully Build Humor Into Your Brand workshop, you’ll learn all about making humor the foundation of a highly successful digital brand and learn more about using humor in marketing in her closing Comedy Marketing keynote.

Using Humor to Build Up Your Online Presence

How did some brands and influencers come to have such significant online footprints? Sure, they put themselves out there and continually put out great content but the real secret sauce here is all in how they made people laugh.

We might all laugh at the snarky posts from the Moon Pie and Wendy’s accounts on Twitter and brands that try to use memes (or accidentally create them) but those tweets were carefully devised in advance. They were specifically made to be shared, and the impact that this has can be more powerful than any ad that gets millions of views. It’s a form of “street cred”, if you will.

Moreover, the humor used is what ultimately separates your brand from the countless others in the same industry. Humor is important in content creation and execution, but it also shouldn’t be ignored with respect to being a building block of your entire online presence. In Sarah’s workshop, you’ll learn all about how you can effectively use humor as a pillar of building your brand up and going beyond copy to a cohesive digital presence that always stands out from the crowd.

Striking the Right Tone So Your Content Gets Shared

Funny tweets can help your brand stand out, but what ultimately gets traction is your content being shared. Finding the right tone in a tweet, image, video, or other form of content and making it hilarious no matter what it is is bound to produce more results than simply reciting slogans alongside features and benefits.

When it comes to visual content especially, there’s so many elements that come into play as to why some posts get shared more than others. Why is something shareable? What makes it so compelling to click on and send to other people? Discerning the right tone to strike is important in successfully employing humor and if you’ve been hitting walls trying to figure out what makes some content so shareable, Sarah will shed light on this.

Learn From a Googler-turned-Standup Comedian and Influencer

Prior to founding the highly-viewed satirical blog The Cooper Review, Sarah spent a significant part of her career at Google and the corporate world at large. Her observations gave way to the viral article “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” which turned into a book of the same name (only it was 100 tricks, not 10) in 2016.

Sarah is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and standup comedian whose work has appeared in Huffington Post, Business Insider, Washington Post, Fast Company, and several other well-regarded publications. The Cooper Review has over 500,000 unique monthly visitors and Sarah is frequently called upon to speak about adding humor to your writing and branding.


Content Marketing Conference is proud to host Sarah this year, and we hope you check out her workshop on making humor an integral part of building up your online presence! She will also be part of the Comedy Marketing closing keynotes.


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