Marketing and communications have a common misconception in common with technology and game development: people are often under the impression that both jobs entail working alone or very small groups all day working on a project, rarely facing other people. You often must communicate with larger teams regularly, and even discuss projects in front of larger crowds. Writing effective copy (or code) is only one piece of the puzzle: the other missing pieces are communication skills and learning how to keep your audience interested and able to understand what you’re saying.

If your public speaking skills need some TLC, you won’t want to miss David Nihill’s workshop, 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (And Funnier) Public Speaker.

Communicate Your Ideas Well, and in a Funny and Engaging Manner

Marketing isn’t just about metrics and writing great copy. It’s about communicating and there’s no greater test of this than public speaking. Public speaking can be an event like Content Marketing Conference or a presentation to a smaller audience like a corporate division, and many people handle it with aplomb while it’s a nerve-wracking nightmare for millions of people.

But do you have anxiety issue that prevent you from giving talks, or are you just worried that you’re not an engaging enough speaker?

As the author of the bestseller Do You Talk Funny?, David will provide in-depth techniques for how you can become a more effective speaker who can command a room’s attention and really make your message stick. But most of all, you’ll learn how you can drive a message home using humor to put your audience at ease and also leave them wanting more.

Public Speaking is a Skill in and of Itself

You’ve probably seen those books and websites dedicated to becoming a better public speaker, but did you know that there’s entire bureaus and websites dedicated to professional speakers? That’s how high the demand is for the skill. There’s numerous influencers and highly-accomplished professionals in all industries who do conferences and speaker gigs, but some people are so adept at speaking that it’s their primary career focus.

Whether you’ve been thinking about going the professional speaker route or just want to have keynote speaker gigs as a hefty side gig, you won’t want to miss David’s workshop. Even if you aren’t overwhelmed with desire at becoming a pro speaker, public speaking is a highly valuable skill to have in virtually any profession as it makes you more confident and able to diffuse any number of situations. You’re not just giving a speech, you have to hold the audience’s attention captive and find a way to make it engaging. Learning how to do this and be funny while doing so is a skill that will come in handy!

Learn from the Founder of FunnyBizz Conference

David founded the FunnyBizz Conference that highlights the harmonious connection between comedy and success in business. A born and bred Dubliner, David’s work has been noticed by the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, Lifehacker, and numerous other American publications in addition to The Irish Independent and Irish Times and earned a place on 2017’s Irish America 100 List.

David also brings an international perspective to keeping humor and public speaking prowess universal and accessible, as he’s lived and worked in 12 different countries and visited almost 70 of them.


Content Marketing Conference is proud to have David with us in our corner of Boston this year, and we hope that you’re able to make it to his workshop on using humor to hone your public speaking skills!


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