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Tuesday and Friday
  • $949
  • Pre-Conference
  • Access CMC Workshops Tuesday AND Friday. Choose from AM and PM workshops Tuesday.
  • And AM workshops Friday all focused on comedy marketing.
  • Discount Rate Schedule
  • Super Early (Ends 12/15/18)$649
  • Early Bird (Ends 1/31/19)$749
  • St. Patty’s (Ends 3/17/19)$849
  • PRE-CONF (Ends 4/15/19)$949
  • ON SITE (4/16-4/19)$1049


Wednesday & Thursday
  • $1,249
  • Pre-Conference
  • Access all the keynotes, sessions and events for Content Marketing Conference, Wednesday and Thursday, April 17-18th.
  • Discount Rate Schedule
  • Super Early (Ends 12/15/18)$899
  • Early Bird (Ends 1/31/19)$1,099
  • St. Patty’s (Ends 3/17/19)$1,199
  • PRE-CONF (Ends 4/15/19)$1,249
  • ON SITE (4/16-4/19)$1,449


One Day Only
  • $699
  • Pre-Conference
  • Access all keynotes, sessions and afternoon Comedy Keynote Series on Thursday Only, including EVOLVE reception with comedian Don McMillan.
  • Discount Rate Schedule
  • Super Early (Ends 12/15/18)$249
  • Early Bird (Ends 1/31/19)$349
  • St. Patty’s (Ends 3/17/19)$449
  • PRE-CONF (Ends 4/15/19)$699
  • ON SITE (4/16-4/19)$799

Group Special Discounts

Register 3 or more attendees for the All Access Pass to take advantage of our group discount, saving 20% ($300) per person.

All Access Group Rate: $1199.00/Attendee


Special Non-Profits Offer:

Contact Us using your non-profit email address requesting our special 30% discount for an All Access or WorkShop Only pass to the conference. And we’ll send you the special code!

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