Video’s at the forefront of content marketing right now whether you’re keeping a YouTube channel up to date or looking towards live video like Snapchat, Twitch, or Periscope among others. Since testimonials have been a popular form of content throughout time, shifting them to video format has seemed inevitable. However, content marketers insist on the old model of doing video testimonials without acknowledging that they often don’t work.

If your video testimonials, or other types of video content, haven’t been getting the engagement that you’re seeking then you won’t want to miss Andrew Davis’ intensive 3-hour Video Marketing Makeover workshop.

Transform Your Most Boring Videos into Content Blockbusters

Content marketing itself has four major cornerstones: to be interesting, helpful, timely, or entertaining and adept marketers want to strike as many of those things simultaneously as possible. Strong writing has its virtues but there’s simply different things you can accomplish with video like showing emotions and  getting happy clients and influencers on camera instead of merely attributing quotes to them.

When it comes to making videos however, the challenges mount up as the skill set required changes as does the process. Writing a video script has a totally different dynamic than writing content meant to explain features and benefits, the problem that your solution solved, and so on. Subsequently, marketers end up with videos that are boring and not very engaging, and attempts at humor and making them relatable wind up missing the mark.

Andrew will help transform your absolute worst videos and scripts into a lively and highly engaging video you can proud of. Even if you’ve never recorded or edited a video before, you’ll leave this intense 3-hour workshop with a shoot-ready script that you can edit and publish to your liking at a later date.

Avoid the Common Pitfalls with Testimonials and Other Video Content

Production values alone can’t save a video that lacks clear messaging and that X factor that keeps people watching. You need drama! Suspense! Even if you’re ultimately selling enterprise-level Internet security solutions or industrial cleaning products, there’s ways to make these un-sexy topics into something stimulating. But unless your script contains the right storytelling techniques and cues, it’s not going to have the results you were hoping for.

How can you inject drama and excitement into virtually any video testimonial, or use footage that seems to have little relevance to the topic at hand? In Andrew’s workshop, you’ll learn which pitfalls you can avoid and how you can turn your boring and ineffective video projects into the type of video content that holds viewers’ attention the entire length. These are the same techniques that professional TV producers use to keep the stakes high and those eyeballs glued to the screen, so you’ll have assurance that you’ll walk away with new directorial skills you can immediately test out!

Learn From a Producer-Turned-Marketer with Major TV Network Experience

Prior to founding Monumental Shift, Andrew Davis has had a long and illustrious traditional media career including a long stretch in network TV. A former NBC producer who worked on The Today Show and The Muppets, Andrew knows what keeps an audience captivated and how to use the medium of video to your advantage upon increasing the stakes and getting the viewer emotionally invested. Upon departing network TV, Andrew went on to produce documentaries as well as content for startups and global brands.

Having appeared in a variety of prestige outlets like Forbes, the BBC, Wall Street Journal, and numerous others, hundreds of brands have entrusted Andrew to grow their presence and cement their legacies. This led Andrew to found and later sell a highly successful digital marketing agency before turning his focus towards Monumental Shift. Subsequently, he’s become one of the most sought-after marketing and motivational speakers on the international circuit.

We’re thrilled to have Andrew with us at this year’s Content Marketing Conference, and look forward to our attendees benefiting from his vast amount of media experience!


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