Video Marketing Makeover

April 16, 2019, 1:00 pm (4.0 Hours)
Transforming boring case studies and testimonials into stories that inspire action.

We don't need another tedious case study, feature and benefits overview, or another testimonial video. No, we don't. There are millions of those out there, and they don't work.

Here's the thing: they're easier to fix than you think. Sure, you have interviews with all the pertinent players. You have b-roll of their office building and some sexy shots of your product in action, unfortunately, you're missing one thing: drama.

That's right. You need to raise the stakes.

In this fast-paced, 3-hour long workshop, former television writer, producer and agency executive Andrew Davis will makeover your marketing videos. He'll show you how to re-work your case studies into actual stories: stories that capture - and keep - your audience's attention. Stories that inspire your viewers to act. He'll show you how reality television producers write, shoot, and edit. But most importantly, you'll learn the secrets to transforming video duds into dynamite.

So, bring one of your worst case studies (even if it's not video - that's fine), and you'll leave with a re-worked story and a shooting script. A script you can re-edit, re-publish and see the re-sults.

Because the truth is, there's only one thing missing from your videos: drama.

Let's makeover your marketing videos. Are you game?