Michaela Alexis is an expert on personal branding, medium roast coffee and LinkedIn. In fact, Alexis has built a following of more than 120,000 LinkedIn followers organically in just two years, all without spending a single dollar in advertising.

About Michaela Alexis

Born in Ottawa, Canada, to a father from Trinidad and a mother who was formally a nun, Alexis had an unconventional childhood. A love of books, writing and a natural talent for public speaking were the threads that wove the fabric of her young life.

Rebelling against her creative nature, Michaela chose legal studies for a while. After trying fruitlessly to squeeze herself into the mold of serious lawyer, she purchased a one-way airplane ticket to California. There, she tended bar and the honed the writing skills that would eventually lead her into marketing. While she became a skilled marketer, Alexis felt as if she and her marketing efforts were missing something – she eventually realized she was always writing in someone else’s voice and hiding from her own. She didn’t know it at the time, but many marketers were feeling the same way about their own marketing efforts.

That’s when Michaela turned to LinkedIn and, in 2016, penned an article about landing her dream job. The article went viral and her LinkedIn presence exploded. She kept writing, updating, sharing videos and sharing more of her personal experiences in the marketing world. Then the calls started coming in – from CNBC, Success.com, Inc., Buzzfeed, and more.

By rediscovering her voice, Michaela Alexis transformed her presence and started creating her own opportunities. In just a few short years, she went from struggling to stand out in an ocean of ever-increasing competition from other marketers to reaching up to a million views every time she posts to LinkedIn.

Michaela firmly believes that she is not a unicorn, and that regular people and small businesses have the power to make waves in their industry simply by being themselves. In the past decade alone, Alexis managed the online presence of more than 100 high-profile brands and built personal brand to more than 130,000 LinkedIn followers. She works as a Social Media Expert for Crowne Plaza’s Meeting Mentor Program. Michaela recently co-authored a book, called Think Video: Smart Video Marketing and #Influencing. Alexis is also one of the most in-demand speakers on topics relating to personal branding and LinkedIn.

Michaela Alexis – Keynote at Content Marketing Conference in Boston

During her keynotes at this year’s 2019 Content Marketing Conference in Boston, Michaela Alexis will share many of her secrets to success and help attendees create their own opportunities as well. She will provide strategies that take attendees from online beginner to all-star, and share ideas that can help boost an organization’s LinkedIn following by as much as ten times – all without spending a dime. She might even let you steal some of her scroll-stopping secrets to succeeding on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

In her April 17th session, “How Influencers Use LinkedIn to Boost Their Business and Personal Brands,” Michaela will share tips on how executives and entrepreneurs can juggle the challenges of marketing, create eye-catching content, and build their personal brands for successful conversions. She’ll talk about what kind of content performs well on LinkedIn, how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to use it to make content go viral, and how to create a personal brand that sets a foundation for long-term success. Alexis will also discuss the three things you should fix on your LinkedIn profile before creating your first piece of content.

On April 18th, Michaela will talk about “How to Build a Mega Personal Brand on LinkedIn on a Mini-Budget.” In this session, Alexis shares the secrets that brought her from broke and laid off to being a LinkedIn star, traveling internationally, and speaking to large audiences. Attendees will learn about LinkedIn algorithms, the types of content that resonate with the LinkedIn community, how to make LinkedIn content more digestible, and ways to find their own unique voice.

Be sure to catch Michaela Alexis at the 2019 Content Marketing Conference in Boston.



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