Michaela Alexis

Hailing from Ottawa, Michaela Alexis is currently one of North America’s most in-demand speakers on topics related to LinkedIn and personal branding. Her journey started in March 2016 when an article she wrote about landing her dream job went viral on LinkedIn. Since then, she has replicated that success, with dozens of articles receiving millions of reads, featured on the likes of CNBC, Success.com, Buzzfeed, Inc. and more.

Over the past decade has managed the online presence of more than 100 high-profile brands, built her own personal brand to over 130,000 followers on LinkedIn, works with Crowne Plaza as a Social Media Expert in their Meeting Mentor Program, and recently co-wrote a book called Think Video: Smart Video Marketing and #Influencing.  


April 17, 2019, 3:30 pm ( 50 Min)
Influencer marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Is your brand riding the influencer wave that's quickly delivering big ROI from the right spend with the right people and campaigns? Are you connecting with influencers successfully, amplifying your brand? That's where Neal Schaffer comes in, and a panel of influencers that will help lift the fog, and clear the path for success. You'll surface this session with tips and advice from the front lines on how to meet your influencer marketing objectives and goals.

Neal and a panel of influencers will share how to...

•Identify, approach and select the best influencers. 
•Motivate influencers, align goals and mitigate tension. 
•Measure the ROI of influencer marketing.
•Hidden gems that will set you apart from the competition.
•Leverage the latest features to grow your brand.
•Better craft social if you're an SMBs and solopreneurs.
•Insider secrets behind a successful video.
•Update your LinkedIn profile for engagement.
•Generate leads and opportunities more consistently.
•To stay ahead of social updates.

April 18, 2019, 9:00 am ( 20 Min)
How to Build a Mega Personal Brand on LinkedIn on a Mini-Budget.

Personal branding on LinkedIn can help you win more business, land your dream job, or successfully launch your product or service to over half a BILLION professionals worldwide. But where do you even START creating content on a business-focused platform? In less than a year, Michaela Alexis went from broke and laid off, to launching her dream job, launching her own company, traveling internationally, and gaining a highly engaged audience of over 130,000 followers, thanks to the power of LinkedIn. 

Find out how you can transform your life or catapult your career lots of tips and hacks:

•Learn what kind of content resonates with the LinkedIn community.
•Discover how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how you can work with it.
•Understand how to find your unique voice and make your LinkedIn content more digestible.