As we like to say, we don’t need a heavier hammer for success. We need sharper nails. We’ll do some nail sharpening, all right. And while we’re at it, we’ll put some new tools in our content marketing tool chest so we can take the art, comedy, and science of content marketing way beyond the next level.

Here’s a look at the types of skills you can plan on sharpening and learning at Content Marketing Conference 2018:



How should I create content to best connect with my readers?

How can I learn to craft “stories” for video content to boost views?

What’s the secret to getting emails opened and read?

How much content do I need to increase traffic and readership?



How can comedy help me engage readers and fans?

How do I make the case to infuse more comedy in our content?

How can I use comedy to be in inspirational leader with my team?

When and how should I use comedy in my marketing strategy?



What can big data tell me that will deliver big CM performance?

How can neuromarketing help me hit 10X content marketing performance?

Why will algorithms become the GPS for content strategy?

What’s the fast track to bring science to my marketing efforts?


You’ll find the answers to theses questions and many more at #CMC2018 (here’s the agenda). All in 3 days of learning, collaborating, laughing, and improving our content marketing skills.

We’re getting close to our second sell out, so do register already—and get prepared to sharpen your content marketing sword so you can crack the bottle of champagne!