Let’s take a peek at what SpyFu is doing for today’s content marketers, shall we? Aside from sponsoring #CMC18, of course, they’re THE resource for all-things-SEO, which means their tools provide the search marketing backbone to winning content strategies.

How about we unpack that for you?

SpyFu + CMC: happy beginnings

SpyFu’s Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts and the SpyFu team have been supporters and sponsors since we started Content Marketing Conference in 2015. As CMC’s master and commander Byron White frequently reminds Mike, “CMC would not have been born to the world without SpyFu’s commitment and support for the vision that you now see at our conference, delighting hundreds of fans that desperately need the tactics, insights, hacks and inspiration that CMC provides year after year.”

Many, many, many thanks to SpyFu for the continued support!

SpyFu makes spying on your competitors (more) fun

SpyFu has been tracking millions of keywords listings, ad placements and website performances since the web was in diapers, like since 2007. The amount of data they’ve amassed on every single keyword, ad and site makes our heads (almost literally) spin.

Just give them a URL (e.g. yours, your competitors’, whatever) to analyze, and their software kicks in and calls up tons of invaluable information, like the organic and paid keywords they rank and bid for, the paid ads they’re running and how much traffic each ad likely drives, and way more—we’re just chipping at the iceberg here.

While these are juicy details for search marketers, the insights are on-target (pun intended) for content marketers, too.

SpyFu helps us create higher performing, more targeted keyword-driven content

The more we know about what our customers are searching for, and how other companies in our markets are responding to their needs, the better job we can do developing content and marketing it effectively. We’ll know…

  • What keywords to target in our blog posts
  • How to optimize our PPC campaigns to promote new e-books, white papers, etc.
  • Which metrics make a difference to content marketing results

In fact, they recently shared this Tutorial: Planning a Content Marketing Campaign. Check it out!

See? SpyFu loves content marketing. Their tools help us work smarter. We’re so pleased to welcome them—once again—at CMC!

Give their free tool a whirl and watch the magic happen.

And meet the SpyFu team in person at CMC18. Register today!