If you asked Inbar, she’d tell you that content marketing is all fun and games. Really. But it’s serious business, too. She’s speaking at CMC18 about gamification and what makes it the perfect blend of art and science required for content marketing success. The fact that Inbar’s expertise spans across content marketing topics goes to show that we have a lot to gain from listening up about this fresh approach to engaging customers.

You can start by listening to what she has to share in her Speaker Q&A!


Q: What excites you most about presenting at CMC18?
A: I’m really excited about the topic I’m presenting (gamification). It’s my first time presenting this topic specifically and I can’t wait to get feedback from attendees! Or I’m terrified, too. Either one is accurate.

Q: Why is NOW the time to master content marketing?
A: I actually wrote a blog post about this a month or two ago. It’s only a matter of time before traditional advertising becomes ineffective. Reaching people these days is harder than ever, and if you don’t give them something of value, they won’t engage with you. Giving people great content in exchange for their attention is a must for long-term survival.

Q: What does it take to connect with customers today—and how can great content do that?
A: The best way to connect with customers is through exceptional service, and that doesn’t end with your company’s help desk or customer success team. Imagine your customer. Now imagine her asking, “what have you done for me lately?”. Answer that question every day and that’s a good place to start. Great content can do that by focusing on teaching your customer something. If you only try to be entertaining, you’re competing with the likes of Netflix, and that’s a losing battle. Being useful to somebody, on the other hand, is completely achievable.

Q: If there was just one thing you could convince all content marketers to do, what would that be?
A: Embrace data and measurement. You may be surprised at how many content marketers are just plain scared of doing that. Tying your content to business goals is the only way to ensure longevity. And I promise it’s not that hard!


Learn more about Inbar and mark your calendar for her session, Gamification: Where Art and Science Align to Create Results, on May 3 from 1:40pm – 2:15pm