Inbar Yagur

VP of Marketing, TrenDemon

Inbar Yagur


Inbar Yagur is the VP of Marketing at TrenDemon, helping empower content marketers with clear and actionable insights. Before TrenDemon, she helped write the rulebook for marketing on content discovery channels as the head of Creative Strategy for Taboola, working with brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Her passion is speaking to content marketers: Educating them about best practices and strategies, and helping them troubleshoot and optimize efforts.

Most importantly, she’s a mother of 2, a rabid consumer of pop culture and politics, and a reciter of 90’s SNL skits.


Session Name: Gamification: Where Art and Science Align to Create Results

Keynote Date & Time: May 3, 1:40pm – 2:15pm

Description: In a hyper-competitive and data-driven digital landscape, it’s easy for artful communication to get overpowered by bigger-than-big data. But as content marketing continues to evolve, engagement is no longer enough. You have to forge measurable results, all the time. That’s where gamification comes in: The perfect blend of art and science required for content marketing success. Attend this session to learn how to create ‘gamified content’ that will fuel engagement and motivate action, backed by case studies from major brands.

Learn all this, and more….

– How disruptive B2C e-commerce brands use gamification to supercharge customer acquisition

– The simple content format that has helped B2B marketers turn cold prospects into leads and sales.

– Actionable hacks to find hidden gamification opportunities in the content that you create every day.

– Easy-to-use tools and tips to get gamification started pronto.