As marketers, we know that there are waaaay more than 5 reasons you can’t miss this year’s conference. We also know that as a registered participant—or a “still thinking about it” prospective participant—you’re really hungry for a concise, drilled-down overview of what to look forward to, since you’ll be soaking it all in soon enough. And as content marketers, we know how to deliver this information to you in a quick and fun way. So here goes!


1. The Content Marketing Stars Will Be Out

There’s no shortage of bright and shining content marketing minds (authors, industry innovators, comedians [no joke], business leaders, etc.) heading to the Westin Boston Waterfront May 2-4. Just peruse this full list of conference keynotes, workshop leaders, and session speakers to see what we’re talking about.

But you know what else? These content marketing “celebrities” include each and every participant (um, YOU!)—because everyone brings fresh ideas and mad skills to our community. It takes all of us, together, to make the content marketing world a better place. On that note…


2. We’re Going to Make the World a Better Place

The content marketing world, at least. There’s a lot of bad content out there. And we’re not necessarily talking about “bad” writing or amateur design. Oh no, what we’re referring to is more insidious, sometimes harder to spot: it’s content that might look pretty but it fails to DELIVER because it’s borne from a lack of strategy, a misunderstanding of customers, non-measurement, and other modern-day no-nos.

Together, we will hash out what it takes to…Get. It. Right. Join us to make the world great again, ok?


3. You Can Debate the Following Question:

Is Art, Performance, or Comedy more important for content marketing success?

Even if you think you have an answer right now, we’re going to challenge it…and stretch the limits of what we believe content marketing is, can be, and should be. The real answer may surprise you.


4. It’ll Be A Laugh Riot

CMC18 is doing something that’s never been done before: celebrating the marriage of comedy and marketing. We’ll enjoy comedy keynotes, a first-of-its-kind Comedy Marketing Club event at LaughBoston, and even some “funny” sessions, like Writing without the Bullshit, and the Humor Hackathon workshop.

Get more details in What’s So Hilarious About Content Marketing? and Another Big CMC News Flash: Now We’re Talking…Comedy!.


5. You will learn SO MUCH. Period.

CMC18 features:

  • 7 Workshops led by world-class industry leaders and trainers
  • 9 Tracks covering content planning, creation, optimization, amplification, performance, and experimentation
  • 20 Keynotes diving deeply into the art and science of content marketing
  • 45 Speakers covering content marketing A-Z



We’ll see you at the show! If you’re ready to register….get to it. CMC18 is almost sold out!