The best marketers know that great material isn’t enough — effective content distribution is just as important.

The best content on the planet has limited utility if it’s not easily accessible to all relevant audiences.

With that in mind, let’s take a tour through this week’s best writing in content optimization.


Basic Search Engine Optimization Principles for Entrepreneurs —

If you’ve been putting off learning the fundamentals of SEO for years, know this: It’s never too late.

This piece does a great job of covering the basics every entrepreneur should know, including a close look at why content marketing plays such a significant role in SEO success.

A smart primer for people seeking to learn the essentials of content optimization.


Three Predictions about the Future of SEO — 

Few areas evolve faster than SEO, which makes predictions about its future something of a cottage industry.

This article from SearchEngineLand makes three assertions: User experience will play a larger role, AMP will become a potent ranking factor and artificial intelligence will make search more personal and relevant.

While these predictions seem entirely plausible, one thing is all but certain: SEO will become an ever more entrenched part of digital marketing.


This is How Top Bloggers Get 90-Percent of Their Traffic — Entrepreneur

Ever wonder how the most successful bloggers built their audiences? Sure, creating great content consistently is pretty much a prerequisite.

Yet optimization efforts are just as critical. This smart post from Entrepreneur drives home an important point: Traffic isn’t largely generated from social media promotion and activity — most of it comes from search.

That wraps us this week’s review of the best writing in content optimization. Make sure you check back next week for more great links and information, and stay tuned for news about Content Marketing Conference 2018!