Consider this scenario: You’ve just ended the best, most inspiring marketing conference of your life. The atmosphere was electric and you’re absolutely brimming with excitement about applying what you’ve learned.

Then, once you arrive home, the energy starts to dissipate.

Now that you’re away from the immersive environment of the conference, you’re unsure about the next steps to take. Once you settle back into the familiar grind of daily business demands, the window for making changes based on what you’ve learned starts to narrow.

To help you avoid this outcome, let’s take a closer look at how you can effectively maintain momentum after a conference:


Take Action Immediately

When it comes to maintaining momentum, nothing is more critical than taking action as soon as it’s feasible. By doing so, you can act on the information you’ve learned while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Often it’s a good idea to begin this process before you leave the conference. Write down an action plan outlining the steps you plan to take once the conference ends.

It’s a smart idea to start with a few goals that are easily reachable and measurable, as even the smallest wins help reinforce positive feelings and create momentum moving forward.

Another good idea: Blocking out some time to work on post-conference activity when you return to work. This allows you to implement your new ideas without being swamped by routine tasks.


Compile and Share Your Key Findings

After the conference concludes you’ll need to distill what you’ve learned in order to educate others. The best way to do this is to summarize your takeaways into a single document that can be easily shared.

This task is made easier by the fact that many conference speakers will offer their own summary sheets for you to take home.

You can feel free to pick and choose concepts that are most relevant to your organization, and synthesize them with your own ideas.


Create a Compelling Recap Presentation to Encourage Follow Up

One of the best ways to translate your new ideas into action is to effectively communicate them with your team. It’s important to do so in an engaging fashion, however — a perfunctory two paragraph summary or email won’t galvanize anyone into action.

Instead, consider staging a short presentation that delivers your conference takeaways in the same inspiring manner they were originally offered.

Try to get others to interact and engage with the material and promote a feeling of collaboration.

You can guard against monotony by incorporating question and answer sessions or short quizzes. You can also consider the use of audio, video or digital technology to expand the reach and scope of your presentation.

By delivering your insights in an exciting and engaging fashion, you can more effectively make the case for additional content investment.


The Takeaway

There’s no doubt that a great marketing conference can leave you deeply inspired and motivated.

The key, though, is maintaining that momentum once you’re back at work — and effectively conveying your new ideas to others

By following the steps outlined above, you can keep the fires of inspiration burning. Stay tuned for news about Content Marketing Conference 2018!