Getting your content out front and center used to be as easy as splashing your superhero mug on a billboard. That’s not the case anymore, not by a long shot.

From content creation to content publication, the journey is long and filled with what ifs. There are an unlimited number of ways you can manage content creation that can make or break your business.

Here are a few of the newest platforms for content creation that are changing the way businesses create new forms of intelligent content:


Video Creation & Management With Brightcove

If you want to make a video that will cause all of your villains to squirm, connect with Brightcove.

This video content marketing platform kicks creation up a notch. In addition to uploading your videos, Brightcove handles the publication and management of the content.

Review analytical details about how each is performing and connect your social channels to distribute and amplify your efforts.

Slam your competitors with catchy commercials that attract like flies to honey.


Ceros Goes Interactive

To take your superhero sized content to the masses, you’ve got to think outside of the written word.

Rather than tossing text around, opt to incorporate infographics, animation, and interactive e-books to inform and engage using Ceros Design Studio. These forms of content are just as, if not even more, effective compared to articles, blog posts and landing page content.

Create anything from microsites to ad banners that are more inviting through state of the art graphics and special effects.

When it’s all up and running, track the analytics of your content to determine who is looking at what, why, when, and where.

You’ll be in a better position to create content that your audience wants.


The Best Mobile Content Experiences

Once upon a time even the most unrecognizable of superheroes had to post their content in the exact same way as the most famous among the Super Man and Women and Spiderman out there.

No more replacing words simply to make the column look more symmetrical. No more editing and reediting how your content looks after you’ve written it.

Instead you can create content and Contentful will work it’s magic to find the perfect size cape to cover its shoulders. And best of all, it’s all designed specifically for mobile.

Your content will finally grace the screens of smartphone carrying superheroes without causing endless pinching and prodding of the screens.


Content Marketing Conference 2017

That’s just three of the newest content creation platforms that are helping marketers create new content experiences, but there are plenty more on the horizon.

If you would like to be in the know about more tools and trends that can propel your business forward, hang out with some of the superheroes of content marketing at the Content Marketing Conference.


What innovative approaches are your taking in your content marketing?