It’s time to pack your superhero capes and leotards for Content Marketing Conference 2017. But wait! Don’t have anywhere to rest on your laurels in between keynotes and workshops?

For this three-day blast you don’t want to blow out your crime fighting budget.

Plus superheroes have to stay under the radar. Fortunately for you there are plenty of places to stay in Boston besides phone booths and bat caves.


Home Exchanges and Stay Away Programs

Then there are several corporate ways to stay on the sly in Boston. You’ve all heard of AirBnB and VRBO, Couchsurfing and HomeExchange. No? Well, you are in for a super surprise.

These facilities offer some of the best ways to blend in like the locals. Crash on couches, become a house guest in a stranger’s abode, swap homes with someone visiting your locality…it’s all possible.

Best of all it’s cheaper than a new eye mask, while allowing you to take control of your home away from home. Other options to consider are:

  • HomeAway
  • Onefinestay
  • HomeLink
  • Love Home Swap


Hop in a Hostel

If you are more interested in mixing and mingling with other superheroes a hostel is more your speed.

Still budget friendly, you get free wi-fi and free breakfast at most of the Boston hostels.

Start your search with HI Boston Hostel, and if that’s not a winner for you, other options include:

  • Friend Street Hostel
  • Berkeley
  • Backpackers Hostel and Pub

There’s even the Boston Boat Hostel for those of you hoping to lay low in between conference days.

Sleeping out there on the open water is ideal for aquatic types who have a penchant for fighting the baddies beneath the waves. You know, like Doctor Octopus?


Go Incognito at a Convent

Want to kapow your way into the conference like Sister Sara? If convents and monasteries sound like the perfect cover for cheap you are right on the money.

Here in Boston there’s the Our Lady Guild House all set up for superheroes who need to sneak away from the masses. Free wi-fi?

Check, perfect for doing your research on possible partners, and potential villains, you meet while at the CMC.

This convent-gone-secret-hideout is also eco-friendly and offers onsite laundry and cooking. All you need is your own butler and you have your very own version of a Boston bat cave.

Over in Cambridge there’s the Saint Mary and Saint John monastery and guesthouse set up for up to a dozen superheroes.

If you need a place to congregate with your fellow marketers this place also features meeting rooms to help you assemble in secret.

Slip your cape over your head and walk like a monk to be out of sight in between conference meetings.


Pitch a Tent

Camping lets you sleep where you see fit, within reason. Didn’t think you could camp out in Boston? Well, well, well it’s time to get all Wolverine and spend some time roughing it.

The Boston outskirts hold claim to some of the best campfires and weenie roasts this side of New England. Winter Island Park, Wompatuck State Park, the Appalachian Mt. Club…it’s all here.

Need some gear to help you conceal your open air lair? Check out the bargain basement of Hilton’s Tent City. It’s where all the superheroes in the know go to score cheap yet quality equipment.


Streamline your spending habits and sneak away into the night in a Bostonian residence, which is the best cover you can come up with during…the Content Market Conference 2017.

So what are you waiting for? No more excuses that you don’t have enough money for lodging.

Forget trying to weasel out of the conference by saying you don’t know where to stay in Boston. See you at CMC!