Only 63 days until Content Marketing Conference 2017 kicks off here in Boston, and we are feeling pretty great after that Patriots parade!

Our next speaker and content marketing superhero is speaker, columnist, and educator: Melanie Deziel.

Recognized as a top expert (worldwide) in native advertising, Melanie provides insights through her native ad industry newsletter; The Overlap League.


Meet Melanie Deziel aka The Rogue Reporter

Faster than an RFP response time, more powerful than buzzword-filled brand brief, able to create full content strategies in a single brainstorm…. Melanie Deziel is The Rogue Reporter.


Her Mission

Infused with a hundred years of journalism ethics and storytelling instincts in the basement of a college newspaper building, and then deployed into the world of marketing, her mission is clear:

Find compelling brand stories, wherever they hide, and banish Bad Content forever.


Her Superpower & Secret Weapon

Impervious to clickbait and unfazed by deadlines, she uses her Authenticity X-Ray to find interesting and honest stories inside every company.

Using the Force of Facts and the Power of Punctuation, she helps marketers craft quality content in the face of limited budgets and bandwidth.

Armed with insatiable curiosity and a deep love of storytelling, she roams the streets of Marketing Land rescuing brands, publishers and marketers from her arch enemy: Bad Content. 


Melanie will help you craft the most powerful story for your brand. 

A regular contributor for Inc, member of the advisory board for the Native Ad Institute, and instructor for Syracuse University’s online Master’s program, Melanie was the winner of the Best Native Advertising Execution OMMA Award in 2014 and 2015!

We are also huge fans of her Instagram, a feed done well!

Find out more about Melanie and the other mega marketing superheroes that will be at Content Marketing Conference 2017.

Helping you wage the war against spammers, fake news, and more — see you in April!