Make like Optimus Prime and transform your content into the best in the biz. Sure, this is a tall order but without this skill your content marketing maneuvers are sure to sink.

But with everything from search engine optimization to landing page optimization, with conversion rate optimization in between, where do you dare begin?

Start with a solid content strategy that will showcase your superhero marketing prowess using three points of optimization.


Content, Be Found

Your first task in the mission of content optimization is to devise a way for your content to be found by the right readers. There are three targets you must set your sight on:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization


Scoring Search Favorites with SEO

SEO, the most popular and common of all the optimization processes, increases the chances readers will find you content through an applicable search.

Main ideas to consider for SEO are your search engine results page, pay-per-click ads, and related search items. Oh, and don’t forget about organic listings aka snippets.

These are your golden ticket to serious SEO traction.


Leading Readers to Land On Your Page

Next it’s time to move on to landing page optimization, which optimizes your content for readers. This is the HTML code including title tags, H tags image tags used to create attractive content that is perfectly formatted.

After all you don’t want the grammar villains on your tail for not using proper headings and caption lines.

At the same rate your content has to be formatted in an attractive way.

Slapdash some content on your site, and you might as well be hiding out in your Bat Cave because no one’s ever going to read what you post. Content format offers more confidence than Spiderman’s spandex suit does for Peter Parker’s self esteem.

A good-looking webpage will say far more than even the content itself. It’s what attracts readers and drives them to return.


Converting Even the Competitors into Customers…

…that is the ultimate goal. If you can do this with your content, well you my friend deserve a Superman cape of your own. Until that time you’ll need to work on your conversation rate optimization.

CRO gets your readers over the hump from simply browsing to actually plunking down their wallet to make a purchase. Some basic advice on how to achieve satisfactory CRO includes:

  • Improving your website navigation
  • Offering visitors value and resources that benefit them, not just your business
  • Featuring valid social proof that your business is truly one of the good guys

There are several tools out there that help with CRO. Look for programs that mention A/B testing, as this is paramount to sound conversion rate optimization.


Ready, Set, Optimize!

Now, you have some basic information that will direct your content strategy in the right direction.

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Getting Content Strategy Certified

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