If your overall marketing campaign is a shiny new, high-performance sports car, your content strategy is the engine that keeps it moving forward at all times.

It affects everything – from the way people perceive your products and services to the rich, emotional connection they feel whenever they’re exposed to your brand.

Make no mistake: your 2017 content strategy won’t just shape the user experience. It can allow you to almost fully control it, on your own terms, at all times.


A Powerful Framework for a Rich Experience

By now, you’re aware that content marketing is incredibly important.

A study from the Content Marketing Institute estimates that content marketing not only costs about 62% less than traditional outbound techniques, but it also generates three times as many leads as well.

But all of that means nothing without the right strategy at the heart of it all.

Every element that you put out into the world must be singularly focused on driving your business forward towards its short-term and long-term goals.

It isn’t JUST about content – it’s about getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time. EVERY aspect, from the messaging you’re using to the editorial approach that structures it all, feeds back into this one decidedly simple concept.


Pay Attention to What Others Are Doing

One of the most meaningful ways to guarantee that you’re creating the most powerful content strategy that you can involves always making an effort to pay attention to what others are doing.

Participating in events like the 2017 Content Marketing Conference is the perfect opportunity to do precisely that.

This year’s event features such renowned speakers as Brian Halligan from HubSpot, Marketing expert and author Josh Bernoff, Time’s Director of Creative Strategy Melanie Deziel and more!

All of whom have come together to help provide you with A to Z tactics, hacks and techniques that will drive your content strategy forward into 2017 and beyond.