Much like every element of your business, your content strategy is made up of a series of small, actionable decisions that when implemented together, can have powerful results.

It can be a natural instinct to look for that one “big move” you need to instantly generate the results you’re after, but slow and steady wins the race even on a smaller scale.

If you really want to construct the best content strategy for a SAAS business model, you’ll need to keep a few key things in mind:


Your Enterprise Content Strategy, or: “The Macro Approach”

This is the type of strategy that forces you to think about the “big picture” for your content.

Think of each piece less as its own individual entity and more as a small part of a much larger whole.

Are all of these parts working together with your ultimate business and audience goals? If they’re not, they should be.

This macro approach helps you focus on making the right business decisions for where your organization is headed.

It helps to take you from your current level of maturity and into the next level as effectively as possible.


The Mini Content Strategy

Once you’ve focused on the bigger picture, you can begin to think about the aspects of the customer journey in a more focused manner.

A more concentrated content strategy allows you to look at each section, channel or initiative as its own pillar. How do you guarantee each pillar is as strong as it needs to be?

This effort allows you to better apply your larger enterprise content strategy to the specific needs of each stage.

Similar to a nesting doll within your enterprise content strategy, small, focused replication is emphasized in the following structure:

  • Mini Content Strategy for Customer Success & Support Channels
  • Mini Content Strategy for New Features
  • Mini Content Strategy for Brand
  • Enterprise Content Strategy for a Product or Channel


Keep One Eye on the Future

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about your SAAS content strategy is that it can and should be constantly changing.

Content at its core is all about establishing a connection with your target audience and over time, the shape that connection takes will continue to evolve.

Taking the time to attend events like the 2017 Content Marketing Conference is the perfect way to remain as forward-thinking as possible in this regard.

Distinguished guests like Neal Schaffer (the President of Maximize Your Social), Josh Steimle (CEO of MWI) and Mike Roberts (Founder and CEO of SpyFu, Inc.) will be on hand to share information about not only where content marketing is today, but where it’s headed in the not-too-distant future.