Welcome to CMC 2017

It’s a new era of marketing. Customers and prospects are orbiting at high speeds. Connecting with them continues to be challenging. And more content and clutter is not the answer.

Byron White, Chair of CMCHow do we develop the right strategy to achieve content marketing goals? How do we create and optimize all this great content we need for success? How do we get the ROI we demand from our content marketing investment?

That’s were CMC 2017 comes in.

We’re moving the conference to Boston this year, after a great run in Las Vegas for the previous two years. Once again, we’ll gather to learn what’s new and what’s next with content marketing. And continue our focus on the tactics, hacks and techniques you need to grow your business.

All our top speakers for CMC 2016 will be returning this coming year. A few select superhero speakers will join us to help rid the world of bad content, and show us how to create content and campaigns that engage and perform flawlessly, again and again.

Do reach out if you have any questions about the conference.

Look forward to seeing you all in April.

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