Dennis Yu, CTO of Blitzmetrics and international speaker on Facebook marketing, has caught Golden State Warrior fever. At this year’s Content Marketing Conference, Dennis turned his session “The 12 KPIs of Content Marketing” into a walk-through of real-time efforts that he and his team have been making on behalf of the team.

Blitzmetrics drives lead generation for a number of sports clients. The audience saw examples of Dennis’ marketing prowess on the team’s Facebook business manager page. He shared his enthusiasm for Facebook with the audience and we saw what his team sees as they post and track engagement of their posts and videos.

Here are a few tips and resources that we all took away from his presentation.

Start with the Fundamentals

KPIs that were once deemed relevant are now considered outdated, commonly described as vanity metrics. Which raises the question, which KPIs should provide a true north for an organization? Which are the most valuable?

The presentation began as expected and a slide titled “12 Indisputable KPIs of Content Marketing” gave us the following KPIs to consider:

  • Action Rate vs. Conversion Rate
  • Positive Feedback vs. Negative Feedback Rate
  • Relevance Score vs. Quality Score
  • Average Rating vs. Number of Reviews
  • Traffic vs. Conversion
  • Opens vs. Cost Per Click

Dennis notes that it’s important to look at the behaviors of the viewers and how they impact other desired special events, such as conversion. In addition there must be a careful balance between any negative feedback and the positive feedback from viewers of a Facebook post.

Then Dennis Yu Takes Us Deeper

Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu walks attendees through the Golden State Warriors Facebook page.

Golden State Warriors fans were in for a treat as we were taken behind the scenes of a post about a Draymond Green feature in the May 23rd edition of Sports Illustrated. This post had a reach of 24,064 people, with 1,262 reactions at the time of the presentation. Dennis asked us to consider these numbers and if the post was  successful. In his book, an ideal ratio of people reached to video views is closer to one-third. This was no unicorn and an investment of an addition paid boost was not going to be effective in this instance.

Dennis then took us to another post about the Golden State Warriors, a video with the comment of “15 points in 1:58?” This post got close to the magic one-third ratio of reach to views with 4,542,897 and 1,384,950 respectively. This video was worth sharing and boosting as it was timely, relevant and showed good organic reach. It performed well organically with 747,000 10-second video views and paid search amplified this engagement with an additional 214,000 10-second video views. Dennis shared that 10 seconds is the ‘sweet spot” when it comes to video creation and views on Facebook.

A few other Facebook Video insights include:

  • Facebook video begins in silence so the right text helps get viewers to click to view.
  • 1 paid impression in this hot example above resulted in 323 free organic impressions. You pay for one click or share but individuals in that circle who engage or share make up part of your organic reach and are free for you.
  • Facebook videos are shorter and typically more entertaining than video on YouTube. The viewers’ expectations on Facebook are different and they expect more fun on Facebook.

These are a few takeaways on posting a video on Facebook that plays better with your audience and when to selectively boost a video to further reach and engagement. This is important to marketers working lean with a limited budget. Throwing more money at your donkeys, or poorly performing content, is not going to turn them into high performing pieces.

Final Yu Engagement Tips for Your Best Shot

Take the content that gets good traffic and post them to industry groups on your Business Page. When working on your post, “do everything inside business manager.” Work to influence the influencer and if you get a mention or someone creates a post or interviews you about your content or point of view, take that and post it on your channels. At the end of the day your main focus it to get that invaluable “cross-channel lift.”

Choose Yu and Blitzmetrics to Squeeze the Most from Your Facebook Efforts

Dennis’s selective boosting of a naturally engaging post amounted to a mere total spend of $91.19. As he reminded his audience, don’t boost your donkeys. If your post is not getting enough engagement organically, it is not worth adding additional spend to boost the content. His session made real-time changes based on audience interest and viewers could sense the wheels turning in his mind.

Dennis Yu is not one to leave the audience empty-handed. He was the only presenter who gave the attendees homework in the form of a 38-page actionable workshop guide. This enabled the audience to work through their own processes and use valuable checklists to improve their content marketing efforts. If you ever have the chance, take a trip with Dennis Yu and trust in the process.