Incorporate video in your content marketing

Look at what is popular on TV or in movies today. Everywhere you look, zombies seem to have taken over. Anything featuring these undead creatures seems to soar in the ratings or rankings. However, one place you don’t want to turn into a “zombie zone” is your website.

Even if you follow all the rules of content marketing, it’s easy for your site to develop a tired, boring (or yes, undead) feel to it. Maybe it’s time to look at how using video in your content marketing strategy could breathe a little life back in your website.

These four tips show you how you can do video well—even if you are new to the concept of video marketing and brand storytelling:

Publish Something Useful

The time that people have for content consumption is limited. If your followers, customers or visitors view your content and don’t learn something from it, they are probably not going to come back and check out what you have to offer as a business.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Obviously, you are not Steven Spielberg. (Unless you are Steven Spielberg, in which case ignore this.) Have fun with your videos and use them as a chance to connect with potential customers or leads in a way that you may not often get the chance to do. Video can show the human side of a company, and this is a GOOD thing.

Consider a Whiteboard Video

If your video budget is low, or you are a little camera shy, think about producing a whiteboard video. These short segments are a good way to enter the world of video without putting yourself completely “out there”. Once you’ve seen how video marketing works for your business, you may want to try something with higher production values in the future; however, many companies have made whiteboard videos a BIG part of their inbound campaigns.

Get it Out There

How are you going to publish your video content when you create it? Obviously, you will post it on your website. However, you want to use this video as a tool to bring visitors or leads into your site too. Publish on YouTube, Vimeo or another publishing site and then share on social media and through your email marketing list. You may be surprised by how many people you can reach through social sharing.


Videos are just one way for you to bring a tired content marketing plan back from the dead. If you are ready to defeat the zombies once and for all, maybe it’s time to hear what advice the content marketing experts at Content Marketing Conference have to offer.

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After all, if you want to slay some zombies, you need the right ammunition!