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The week’s top news in Content Marketing:

Friday 10/23

How Long Should it Take You to Write a Blog Post? [New Data] (via Hubspot) – just a few cool facts from a survey of 4,000 marketers around the globe. How do you match up?

Bot Fraud Seizes One-Third Of Publisher Revenues (via MediaPost) – could your click-through numbers be hijacked by “bad bots?” This study by Distil Networks says 75% of publishers aren’t able to differentiate human and non-human traffic.


Saturday 10/24

Why Email Marketing is More Effective Than Social Media (via Forbes)– a commentary on why your business marketing plan should rely on email marketing with good leads and not social media marketing. Digital marketing is complicated. While a strong social media presence is important for maintaining customer loyalty and encouraging new leads to get on board, companies cannot rely on social media alone to get attention.

This Week in Content Marketing: Can Content Save Advertising? (via CMI) – though custom content was once disregarded, it has now taken a top spot for increasing engagement and reducing avoidance behavior.


Monday 10/26

What Does Ad Blocking Mean For Today’s Marketer? (via Forbes) – with so many people getting popular browser extensions to block ads, like AdBlock Plus with over 300 million downloads, marketers are being forced to find better ways to appeal to customers. Forbes writer Steve Olenski writes, “But the internet is all about attention and value – people will read a site if they get out more than they put in.”

Triggered Email: The Killer Conversion App (via KISSmetrics) – reasons why “spray and pay” will kill your interested leads and could backfire to tarnish your reputation. Plus, personal automation tips to provide a value your leads will love.


Tuesday 10/27

Is Data the Key to Better Content Marketing (via Forbes) – are you kicking off your marketing strategy without careful consideration of value creation? Forbes writer Daniel Newman points out why this is a recipe for disaster and how well-used data crumbs can be a content marketer’s source of ultimate selling power.

Mobile Messaging For Marketers 101 (via TechCrunch) – using pure-play messengers, like Snapchat and WhatsApp, is one way to connect directly to users. In-house chat is another. What are you doing to promote community and boost brand loyalty?


Wednesday 10/28

10 Ways to Make Your Website Content More Relevant (and Rank Higher) (via CMI) – write better content that means more to your audience by looking at content marketing strategies, relevance, keywords and problem-solving through the eyes of Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar.



You can certainly see the emphasis in quality is impacting the advertising aspect of marketing strategies. Marketing experts have to look carefully at how they are choosing to approach their audience or they face wasting important dollars in their marketing budgets.

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