Constant Content

Constant Content is a content creation platform that’s a little different than the rest. Not only can clients place orders for a specific piece of content that they’d like to have written, but they can also browse through the library of pieces that are already written and ready to buy.

New content requests go to the site’s network of freelance writers, and you can select a specific writer, send your request to the public pool of writers, or set up a casting call that requires writers to apply for a specific job.

Prices are based on content type, length, expertise and the type of license you want to purchase for the content — usage, unique or full rights.


One of the major strengths of Constant Content is its library of ready-made content. If something in the library fills your needs, you may not have to place an order for new content at all.

Unlike most other online content-creation platforms, Constant Content cultivates a database of more than 50,000 pieces of existing content that you can browse through to find something that meets your needs.

Writers can upload new content whenever they like, which keeps the catalog growing. You can search for existing content by keywords, by category and by other defining characteristics.

If you can’t find something that already exists that works, you can then go ahead with a custom order.

The three levels of licensing could be a pro for keeping marketing spend down, as long as you don’t mind that other companies may be using the exact same content on their own sites.

Usage rights let you and anyone else use the content. Unique rights ensure that you’re the only client using the content, but you’re not allowed to make any changes.

Full rights are the only way to get full ownership and control over the content you purchase.


The prices of existing articles in the library fluctuate massively, with writers pricing their own content.

If a piece is more than you’d like to pay, you can submit a lower bid that the writer must accept before the sale can move forward. You can price custom content as you like.

The platform is also fairly limited with regard to multimedia elements. Pictures cannot be embedded in finished pieces, for example, due to the technological limitations of the platform.

On the writing end of things, one online review by a writer noted that the platform’s editors can get pretty persnickety when writers submit articles to sell out of the library but that they are more amiable when writers are working on custom content.

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