Optimize your EOY content with analytics

With the fourth quarter almost here, it’s time to take a hard look at B2C and B2B marketing strategies for this lucrative part of the year. Reevaluating your content optimization system and tweaking it should be done on a periodic basis.

Before this last stretch of the year begins, pull out your content optimization tools for another look at your plans. Because the face of digital strategy is ever-changing, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends.

Google being so ever-fluid, forces us to pay attention to what new rules must be followed in order to keep our content prioritized in search. By following these 6 content optimization tips for the season, you can feel confident in your strategy.

Google Search Console

Check your Google Search Console for Crawl Errors and HTML Improvements listed. If your site has errors, then Google cannot crawl it properly and you lose momentum in search. Make corrections to any problems so that they will be fixed in time for fourth quarter.

Search Analytics

Under the Search Analytics section of the Console, collect a list of the keywords driving traffic to your site for the last 90 days. Once you have examined this list and removed any brand keywords, you will have a list of generic keywords. Use this list to guide your SEO.

Site Speed

Check your site speed. Google places a huge priority on speed, because many customers are accessing your site via mobile devices which have to rely on iffy connections at times. You can add a caching plugin to your site if it is not loading fast enough.


Is your site mobile responsive or at least mobile-friendly? If not, you should implement a mobile responsive theme as soon as you can. Mobile responsive sites are accessible via any size device and automatically configure themselves to the screen size. Mobile-friendliness is a big factor in mobile search, and you are losing business if mobile customers can’t find you.

Fix Broken Elements

Do you have broken links or other issues on your site? If so, fix them before the site gets busy. Frustrated customers may give up and go to your competitor’s site if they can’t navigate yours.

No Big Changes

Fourth quarter is not the time for your IT department to make any major changes to your website. Any downtime is money that you are losing from your bottom line.

Get your site structure in place, and make any changes before you are bombarded with visitors. Remember that a good user experience is at the core of any return business.

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