Nativo is a hotspot for native advertising, the catchphrase for advertising that matches the function and form of the platform on which the advertising appears.

A native ad on an editorial site, for instance, may appear as a promotional editorial. A native ad on a social media channel may appear as a status update.

And Nativo is a scalable and automated native advertising platform that can make it happen. Unlike obvious display ads, native ads align with content consumers are already viewing, increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually give your ad a look.

Nativo prides itself on relevancy, distributing content with the same look and feel as the platform on which it appears, creating a seamless brand experience across all platforms.

The service offers tools for creating higher engagement rates for marketers, premium monetization opportunities for publishers, and an uninterrupted experience for customers looking for unique, high-quality content on a consistent basis.

The platform’s website boasts an improvement in native ad performance of up to 300 percent in some cases.



The platform’s focus on a creating a seamless user experience is the key to driving results. When advertiser-sponsored content is placed on a website, the ads are formatted to be as consistent as possible with the layout of the page.

This makes advertisements look like they’re an organic part of the content the reader is after rather than a glaring distraction.

This is especially beneficial on smartphones and other platforms where screen real estate is dear.

Not only do ads match the layout, but they are also relevant to the page’s subject matter. A page outlining different troubleshooting techniques for your computer, for example, may feature ads for new electronic devices.

Matching ads to topics readers are already seeking can dramatically increase conversions.



For publishers, signing up with Nativo means you’re agreeing to whatever ads they decide to place on your site.

While you know the ads will be relevant and aligned with your layout, you have to stick with that content and layout as is.

Any additional ads you want to include will need to be located in the space not already taken up by native ad placement.

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