Content Launch

Building a backbone of quality content doesn’t need to be a pain in the neck if you opt for help from Content Launch.

This content-centric, subscription-based company provides a wide variety of services, including content marketing, content strategy and content creation.

Pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $300 to $700 per month for access to content marketing software that lets you collaborate, create, promote, measure and score your content.

You can also pay for customized content from the platform’s pool of writers, with a flat fee based on the type of content you need, ranging from $70 to more than $800. Or hire the Content Launch team to provide a comprehensive content strategy designed specifically for your business. Strategy consulting costs start at $2,000.



A wide variety of content choices and experienced writers are some of the pluses Content Launch offers. Content choices range from blog posts to emails to white papers to e-books.

The platform boasts 300 writers experienced in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business content creation, with expertise in more than 70 industries.

You can pick and choose the services you want, which means you can purchase content without a platform subscription or purchase a platform subscription without purchasing any content. Consulting services can also be purchased separately.



Although building content with Content Launch may not be a pain in the neck, it can be a pain in the wallet.

The platform’s products and services are on the costly end of the scale and are likely priced out of the ballpark for smaller businesses.

The cost of integrating the platform does not include the cost of creating any content. Content revisions are also limited to two, unless you want to pay extra for additional tweaks.

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