Turning a good idea into great piece of content can be tough enough, and that’s even before you get to the distribution part of the deal. Kapost was invented to tackle the task with a complete soup-to-nuts platform that guides you through every step of the process.

Before you even put fingers to keyboard, you can plan out the entire lifespan of your content, so you know exactly who you’re writing for and where that content is going.

Tools let you map your buyer personas, plan and organize your content on a built-in calendar, customize your various content types and campaigns, and designate where your content will eventually land for the biggest impact.

Kapost also knows collaboration is key, so it provides a series of tools designed to keep different employees and departments connected on the projects specifically assigned to them.



High marks go to the Kapost content auditor, a tool that gathers the different types of content you’ve already published.

This can include everything from YouTube videos to business blogs to articles or reports on your website.

You can then organize and categorize the existing content based on the stage of the buying process it targets, the buyer persona it’s been assigned to, and various other factors.

The end result is a detailed overview of all your content on a user-friendly dashboard, which allows you to keep track of the status and effectiveness of all your in-progress campaigns.



As comprehensive as Kapost may be, it still has a few limitations that prevent it from being a stand-alone solution.

Sure, you’ll get detailed analytics that shed insight into how your published content is being perceived, but you won’t be treated to any sales-performance-related analytics.

You won’t be able to tell how many leads a particular piece has generated over time, for example, which can be an essential statistic when it comes to future planning and production.

Another downside is the lack of integration abilities, with no straightforward way to integrate your existing email marketing or other automation systems into the Kapost platform.