Billed as the world’s easiest A/B testing tool, Visual Website Optimizer might just live up to its status, thanks to a wide range of features delivered in a single, user-friendly platform. In a few swift moves, you can set up various tests for landing pages, websites, e-commerce pages and other elements, tracking the ways users interact with those elements as well as each element’s eventual performance.

Feel free to play around with changes as drastic as a major graphical overhaul on a landing page, instantly implementing and pushing out the change to a select segment of your Web traffic.

Visual Website Optimizer lets you compare the performance of your updated page with the original in real time, pinpointing which elements work, which don’t, and where you can focus strategic adjustments.



Easy-to-follow visuals are the main strength of this platform, allowing you to track changes and ongoing tests at a glance. The dashboard compiles a host of useful information on a single screen, including the current version of your page as well as all its design enhancements over a designated period of time.

Dashboard statistics additionally update in real time, allowing you to take immediate note of elements that work — and even more immediate action on those that fail.

Easy installation is another major benefit. Simply paste a single line of code into your site, and you’re in. Your site will then have access to the main dashboard, where you can control all the functions and features you wish to use.



Complaints have surfaced about the editing tool, which has been described as finicky and requiring the coding of some elements for the testing variation to function properly.

The variation preview feature has been known to fail, making users turn back to the editor to preview their variations.

Some data tends to fall between the cracks after a test is completed and stopped, requiring users to document test results outside of the platform if they want to ensure accuracy.