This real-time Web analytics tool lets you dive deep into the habits of your visitors, uncovering behaviors you may never have known existed — or at least considered important.

But they can be. Even the slightest move can uncover some of the biggest problems that are plaguing your site.

Clicky not only offers real-time analytics, but it comes equipped with individual visitor and action tracking, heat maps, downtime alerts and other alerts that you can set, such as notification every time you nab a conversion or get a new campaign visitor.



While you can find other services that offer similar capabilities, none are quite as extensive or quite as immediate. That immediacy is Clicky’s biggest selling point, as the real-time results it provides apply to each and every feature.

Visitor tracking can include an alert the moment a person enters your site and tell you the length of time spent there, the different actions taken, the visitor’s Internet provider, and how the person ended up on your site in the first place. And yes, all this real-time tracking can actually be fun.

The alerts are another bonus, especially the downtime alert linked to uptime monitoring of your site. You’ll be alerted instantly if your site goes offline for any reason.

Clicky monitors your site from five different locations around the globe to ensure that every reported problem is real and not just an anomaly.



Clicky’s statistics are valuable and deep, but they are lacking in some areas.

Clicky doesn’t break down your page load times, for instance, which can be a valuable measurement when trying to determine the cause behind high bounce rates or visitor exits.

The event tracking is also limited to downloads, clicks, and Ajax or Flash events, with no way to track RSS feed subscriptions or multimedia views.

Other murmurs of dissatisfaction relate to Clicky’s limited reporting options, which are far less extensive than what similar platforms offer.