Write your desired content. Run it through Scribe for analysis. Get the content back with loads of suggestions on how to optimize for your target audience. Using Scribe, a widely celebrated content optimization tool, really is that easy. Three simple steps that focus on research, optimization and connections make up Scribe’s recipe for success.

The research component involves identifying topics that mesh with your target audience and the type of language and wording they use when discussing and searching for those topics.

The optimization component takes you through your page step by step, pointing out key areas where you can give it a search engine optimization boost. The connection component identifies prime crosslinking opportunities both internally within your own site and externally with social media users and other websites.



Scribe’s keyword features are comprehensive and easy to use, providing details on keyword density for each post. You can also search for targeted keywords with a handy sidebar located right in the blog post editor.

Scribe will also serve up alternative keywords, keyword search popularity, and search engine rank. Content optimization doesn’t stop with individual posts, either, as Scribe will take into account the content throughout your entire site. Its keyword density searches help ensure that each post you write is aligned with your existing site content.

If you pick an off-topic subject that lacks keywords associated with your site, Scribe will give you suggestions on how to keep your core target audience engaged.



Bloggers who write posts once a week or less often need not apply. Scribe is designed for serious bloggers who churn out multiple posts per week. While those who produce less can certainly still use the tool, the monthly fee may be a bit steep for once-a-weekers.

Contrary to some glowing reviews, Scribe does not perform magic. Scribe relies on the user; if you give it good stuff to work with, you get good results. If you don’t, well, you know what happens.

You still need a strategic content creation plan and quality content to fuel it. Scribe is currently limited to U.S. searches and the English language.