Majestic (formerly Majestic SEO) is heavy-duty, cloud-based search engine optimization software that crawls the global Web faster than you can read this sentence, harvesting link data that’s used by SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, Web analysts, site owners, content strategists, media professionals and other customers in seven countries.

For content strategists, the tool helps to pinpoint popular content with analysis of link popularity and “influence” — a new concept that’s gaining momentum with other companies, such as Clout.

By analyzing a large amount of link-related and SEO-related data, users can reverse engineer topics and optimization strategies to get to the top of the search engine rankings.

The tool features in-depth site exploration tools, backlink databases, a limited keyword research function, and access to an advanced link intelligence map for subscribers.



Majestic makes backlink reporting a breeze, thanks to out-of-the box reporting with a user-friendly interface for all the basic functions. You can download information and create custom analysis and reporting while enjoying instant access to link information about your site.

Useful summaries give your link-building strategies an additional boost. Flexible subscription options and pricing plans make it cost-effective, enabling you to pay only for the features you intend to use. Each plan comes with a limited number of downloads each month.



Although the powerful data tool gives you an equally powerful edge for backlink strategies, it doesn’t offer a lot of other SEO-related functionality.

It may also be difficult to interpret some of the charts and graphs, especially without in-depth knowledge. The same holds true for other data delivery formats, which are geared for analysis by experts rather than newbies. Even experts may find it takes longer to make the most of the data provided by Majestic than the data obtained from some other tools.

The Majestic tool also lacks an easy way to compare site backlinks with performance on competitor sites. Another con, albeit small, is the requirement of PayPal payments to be made in British pounds.