Anyone fed up with the binding limits many content management systems place on creativity is more than ready for MODX. This Web CMS not only gives you total control over your site and content, but it also grows and evolves right along with your company’s changing needs.

The open-source platform ties with WordPress in popularity, but it far surpasses the former blogging platform for its wide scope of capabilities. You can essentially do anything you want with MODX.

But unlike with WordPress, you mostly have to know what you’re doing. Help is available through customer support, a thriving online community, and access to self-help documents, forums, developers and site builders.



Absolute creative freedom goes a long way as a MODX benefit, giving you the prime opportunity to build your website around the CMS instead of the other way around. Push any limits you choose.

Build based on long-term or short-term search engine optimization goals. Forget standard themes and templates. Your MODX site has no choice but to be one of a kind.

A user-friendly interface makes website creation simple for experienced developers and beginners alike. A seemingly unlimited supply of customization options includes applications, add-ons and improved mobile responsiveness.



MODX skeptics argue that the platform is only a viable solution for businesses that have a crummy CMS to begin with.

Otherwise, they say, there’s no reason to go all out and over the top with such a complex CMS. Although the user interface is simple, the process of managing content on a truly do-it-yourself site can be exceedingly complex.

Don’t look to MODX for a quick fix or a fast and easy solution. Turn to it for large, personalized projects that demand heavy-duty customization.