iWriter is a content creation platform that lets users place orders for custom content of any type on any topic, with orders distributed to a vast network of freelance writers.

The website says content prices start as low as $1.25 per article, and turnaround time, in some cases, can be as fast as a single hour. You can order as many different content pieces as you need, all of which can be downloaded in .HTML format.

The main aim is to give clients an easy and inexpensive way to have unique content written especially for them. The site boasts that its prices are so low, they simply can’t be beat.



The platform is super-fast as well as super-cheap. An online reviewer said he typically gets a 500-word blog article in as few as three hours, with a price range of $3 to $10, depending on the caliber of writer he chooses.

The longest he’s ever had to wait for a more extensive article is about six hours. Regularly updated statistics on the website peg the global network of writers at more than 280,000 who are actively accepting orders and creating pieces for iWriter’s customers.

Additional site statistics say that more than 105,000 different jobs were posted within the last 30 days alone and that more than 2.8 million orders have been filled since the site’s creation in 2011.



Super-fast and super-cheap doesn’t always result in super-high quality. Although one online reviewer noted that he has gotten some great content, he also said that requesting rewrites is a regular part of the game.

Inconsistency is another con, as you never know which writer will end up picking up your content, and styles and quality can vary greatly from one writer to the next.

The reviewer recommends iWriter as more of a content supplement tool for short projects that require a rapid turnaround rather than as a replacement for your in-house content writing team or as a go-to solution for all your content marketing needs.