Ginger Software is a Web-based application designed to help enhance your writing, spelling and grammar. The suite of writing and English language tools are meant to help anyone craft flawless content, particularly those who don’t have a firm command of the language.

When launched in 2007, the software was originally designed to help those suffering from dyslexia to form complete sentences and paragraphs.

Rather than assessing individual words throughout the text, the program examines the context of the entire paragraph, providing suggestions on spelling, order and usage.

Additional features include a dictionary and translator, a sentence rephraser with suggested synonyms and cultural idioms, a text reader that recites your document in U.K. or U.S. English; and a Personal Trainer that helps correct chronic mistakes.

The program is especially hot for non-English speakers trying to make their grammar understood by U.S. audiences and U.S.-based search engines.



Ginger Software consolidates the best grammar tools into one Web-based application, going far beyond basic word processing tools to help construct everything from formal essays to snappy marketing copy.

The program works on the Windows, iOS and Android platforms as well as in major browsers. Basic features are free, such as the grammar and spell checker, while others require a purchase or a monthly subscription.



Although Ginger Software can smooth out your grammar, spelling and sentence structure, it can’t do anything about content quality—so you’ll need to make sure you are sourcing high-quality content from the get-go.

Cost can also be a deterrent, especially since you can find most of the tools at a low cost or for free if you don’t mind doing your research.

You’re essentially paying for the convenience of having all the tools in one place.

Ginger also lacks comprehensive proofreading or plagiarism-checking features, which can be found in the similarly priced Grammarly.