Rank Ranger
Rank Ranger provides targeted tracking for listing positions at Google, Yahoo, Bing and a variety of other search engines. The search engine optimization platform offers users a closer look at keyword and traffic performance, with information displayed in graphs and tables.

A variety of tools are included to enhance reporting capabilities, including on-page optimization updates and backlink metrics integration. By providing access to this information, Rank Ranger aims to give you the tools you need to make more effective keyword and content strategy decisions.



Webmasters lacking in-depth tech understanding often find themselves overwhelmed by the vast majority of SEO tracking services currently available. Rank Ranger, however, boasts a uniquely user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for those less familiar with SEO tracking to see top-ranking results on all the major platforms.

Sharing these results with others is a cinch, as Rank Ranger’s generated reports can be instantly exported to PDF, Word or HTML. A white label provider, Rank Ranger allows users to stamp their own brands and logos on their ranking reports.

Integrated with Google Analytics, Rank Ranger’s dashboard offers easily accessible pie charts, tables and graphs. Together, these give you a better idea of your website’s performance over time and across multiple platforms.

Rank Ranger’s appealing visual display is easy on the eyes and thus is perfect for long information-tracking sessions. Competitive ranking tracking is another plus, providing up-to-date developments surrounding the websites of your top competitors.

The tool lets you quickly spot changes in the greater industry’s approach to SEO, including the emergence of new ranking threats.



Although it’s a very reliable resource for Google tracking, Rank Ranger gets a bit of heat in the social sphere for ranking accuracy with Yahoo and Bing.

Much of that noise, though, might be related to local versus global search — the next-generation ranking methods that are being experimented with at the time of this writing. Rank Ranger’s service is easily more expensive than that of many of its competitors, although proponents would argue that the money goes a long way in any of the three available packages.

Webmasters requiring access to ranking results for thousands or even tens of thousands of keywords will find Rank Ranger ideal whereas others looking for a less extensive approach may prefer a more affordable alternative.