The FoxMetrics analytics and targeting platform allows you to track the way customers are interacting with your website or mobile app in real time.

It then serves up actionable metrics that you can use to optimize the user experience, increase conversions and otherwise enhance interaction. This comprehensive analytics platform digs deep, providing data that goes far beyond standard page views.

You can view and track behaviors, seeing when a customer views a page, purchases an item, updates an email address, interacts with a positive feature, clicks on a banner or takes a wide range of other actions.



Immediate data processing provides real-time updates, a feature that lets you act just as immediately to produce desired results.

The real-time infrastructure works on any and all devices used to browse the page, from desktop computer to tablet or smartphone. Other platforms that provide the same type of analytical insights process data much more slowly, sometimes taking 30 minutes or longer for updates to appear — plenty of time for a would-be customer to transform into a disinterested party.

The large amount of data FoxMetrics brings to the table is another major benefit. Not only can you see page views and specific customer events, but you can also track everything from unique visits to bounce and exit rates.

You can pinpoint the page that triggered a visitor’s exit, allowing you to adjust the page as needed to improve the user experience and keep users hanging around for eventual conversion.



Although FoxMetrics will give you all the information you need to pinpoint a particular problem, it won’t tell you how to solve it.

Sure, you’ll get a rundown on your most commonly exited Web page and even a breakdown on the ways visitors are interacting with individual elements, but the platform won’t tell you what’s wrong with the page or elements or offer suggestions for fixing them.

No interpretation is provided. You still need a firm understanding of what the analytics are telling you and the steps you need to take to make the most of the information FoxMetrics provides.