What started as a live blogging platform in 2008 has since blossomed into a full-blown content engagement platform that aims to boost your content marketing efforts.

Its distinguishing feature is a focus on real-time content creation and publication, complete with real-time, automatic updates that don’t require viewers to refresh the page.

The platform is ideal for sports, breaking news, Q&A sessions and ongoing events that deserve immediate updates. Business-to-business content marketers can use ScribbleLive to provide up-to-the-minute coverage from conventions, conferences and other live events.

The company’s growth has come from a number of funding rounds, and it got big enough by June 2014 to acquire its competitor, CoveritLive. Both platforms will continue to develop independently.


ScribbleLive’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to provide all types of live, real-time content — along with real-time analytics. Content can include tweets, text messages, voice mails, emails, photos, social media updates and video.

All content can additionally be posted and edited right from the browser-based platform without the need for special software.

The ease and scope of use are another plus. Mobile apps for Android and iOS let you produce content anytime, anywhere, and multiple users in a single organization can work on live blogs simultaneously.

One more plus is the ability to enrich your visitors’ experience through content creation, with relevant Twitter hashtags and posts from involved users pulled into your content as you’re creating it.


Although content curation from blogs and Twitter is spot-on, curation from Facebook is limited due to Facebook’s privacy settings. Any event or post that relies heavily on Facebook content will thus be at a major disadvantage.

Another con only applies if you’re the type who tends to get carried away with too much of a good thing. The ease of posting can lead to over-saturation, which can end up repelling your audience.

Instead of posting every single thing that is done or said at an event, users can create an outline in advance and focus on the most exciting photos, videos and quotes.