OneLoad is a powerful content distribution tool that gives both Internet video creators and advertisers complete control over how their content is discovered and experienced by the world at large.

One of the goals of the platform is to enable businesses to deploy videos across multiple sites with a single upload, boosting both video search engine optimization and metadata management capabilities in one fell swoop.

OneLoad also includes powerful analytics tools that enable you to gain insight over viewership patterns and even let you receive daily email reports containing trends, performance data and other useful information.



The video distribution feature rocks. You deploy your videos across multiple platforms from one easy-to-use-interface. In a traditional content distribution model, you would first have to upload your video to Metacafe before uploading it additional times to Dailymotion, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms you want to target.

Not only can the traditional video upload process be incredibly time-consuming, but it can put a big damper on productivity, especially if you’re experiencing Internet connectivity issues. With OneLoad, you upload your video only once.

Once it’s uploaded to the platform, it can be instantly deployed to all your chosen channels.

Another major benefit of the platform is the ability to track analytics and other statistics from all sites in a single location.

The main OneLoad dashboard gives you an overview of how your videos are performing on Vimeo, Facebook and other platforms, letting you easily identify viewership spikes, look for visibility issues, and more.



Even though your videos can be sent to multiple channels in an instant, you may still have to individually visit those channels to perform necessary tasks.

If you want to make significant adjustments to the metadata on a YouTube video, for example, you’ll probably have to head on over to YouTube to perform the tedious task.

Certain video platforms also have native tools to which OneLoad doesn’t have access, which means you can’t necessarily disregard all your other video sharing accounts just yet.

Although OneLoad does not replace the tools these platforms provide, it certainly acts as a high-quality complement that allows marketers to gain real traction in the realm of digital video.