Your marketing outreach should cover multiple channels, but their level of connection is as important as their individual content. Interlinking between social media platforms, supporting informative articles with how-to videos and providing a rich content experience for site visitors are all products of creating a marketing strategy that works.

How does yours measure up? Here are some important ways that your content should fold back into itself and build a comprehensive experience for your customers and clients.

Consider Making a Glossary or “101” Article

The basics of your industry, service or product will appear – or at least should appear – throughout your content both present and future. This consistency gives you a lot of opportunities to link back into a basic “101” style article explaining terms and processes. This self-referential network keeps your reader engaged and immersed in your content and message, rather than bouncing to another site or informational source.

Even simple, straightforward products and services have insider knowledge that can be broken down and explained, piece by piece. Each of these explanations, provided you partner with a talented writer, can be spun into content on their own, enabling this network to be built out from or back into a glossary, depending on your starting point.

Accessibility is Becoming Important

Making your content accessible isn’t about simply placing it on a site anymore – that site needs to be dynamic enough to weather various browsers, operating systems and even formats such as tablets and mobile phones. In addition to this availability, accounting for searchers with special needs such as closed captioning or alt text on images has emerged as a way to broaden audiences as well as revealing more opportunities for keywords and best SEO practices.

For example, existing articles can be fairly quickly converted into video scripts, with the original work neatly converting, in turn, to a closed caption script. In many cases, expanding accessibility efforts won’t require creating new content from scratch – smart modifications will ensure you reach your goals in no time.

When you’re creating a marketing strategy, be sure to leave room for these adjustments in order to get your message to the widest audience possible.

Your content is as much a part of your identity as your product, so make sure it presents a strong, cohesive framework with some references and linking.

With the right adjustments and built-in considerations during the content crafting process, creating a marketing strategy that stands the test of time is as simple as a proverbial stroll down memory lane.