With so many content pieces being developed for your target audience, it can become overwhelming deciding how to disseminate the information to the right demographic. Although your overall strategy should be designed to address every type of customer you may have, specializing the content distribution options can make a difference in your small business marketing ideas.

The intent of creating a number of content pieces is to create value and relevance for your audience. By segregating your content, you will be able to reach a variety of customers in their comfort zone. A targeted distribution strategy will yield greater results in online interaction and engagement.

Know Your Channels

There are three types of distribution channels: paid, earned and owned. Utilizing all three is important in reaching those customers that will appreciate your content, and view you as an industry resource. Here are examples of how this these channels work together in meeting your goals:



Owned channels are social media platform followers, subscribers on your website or blog, and email lists where you can distribute newsletters and other pieces of relevant content.



Paid channels are PPC campaigns, like Google ads, Facebook or Twitter ads, and other advertising methods.



Earned distribution includes venues where you have guest posts, podcasts and community forums.

It is important to do the research to maximize the time used in content distribution. Components of your research tactics should include evaluating your metrics, monitoring keyword usage within the industry to determine which words should be included in your content, and following the trends to see what topics of interest will engage your customers.

Building Your Lists

A subscriber list is an asset you cannot avoid, and an integral part of specialized content distribution.. Building a list based on opt-in customers will help in specializing your content for specific audiences. Having a pop-up bar or call to action directives will indicate where the customers are coming from and what interests them the most. Your subscribers will come from a variety of places, such as a social media contest, video channel or other incentives that will draw subscribers.

Have a Plan

Creating an editorial plan based on a content distribution template will help you map your goals. Your plan should include what type of content you are distributing, the key channels you will use, how often you will share the content, and the role your email marketing will play.

These tactics work together to make sure you have a specific plan for content distribution that will address every persona in your audience. Determine the right content pieces for specialized audiences will help increase engagement and growth within your brand, while providing the exposure to enhance your small business marketing ideas and strategy.