You have your typical keyword search tools — and then you have SEMrush. This Web-based search engine optimization tool gathers enormous amounts of search engine results page data for up to 500 keywords across five of your campaigns, filling you in on the small details that can make a huge difference for your optimization strategies.

The tool analyzes high-ranking domains for specific search terms and generates a list of keywords, including synonyms and variations, to produce a seemingly endless list of keywords to add to your pool.

Get an even more powerful edge with suggestions for keyword expressions and long-tail keywords, the latter of which make up 70 percent of all search traffic and face less competition than single-word options.


  • International businesses will appreciate SEMrush’s ability to get regional keywords to target audiences across the globe.
  • SEMrush has a 26-country regional database, including Mexico, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. For those with multilingual websites, keyword research can be done in 16 languages.
  • SEMrush is an advanced tool for advanced keyword research analysis. It works to improve organic keyword rankings, learn competitors’ top keywords, identify high-ranking keywords, find low-competition keywords, and identify profitable keywords for content and landing pages.


It also has a live update algorithm to refresh its regional databases. The popularity and search volume is updated daily, weekly or monthly. It also has awesome tools, such as site audit, keyword difficulty, domain vs. domain comparison, and position tracking.

All around, SEMrush digs deep. Along with identifying effective keywords for content, it lets you know what your competition’s top keywords are. It’s like having your own online detective.

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