You could have the best content distribution and marketing strategies in the world, but they’ll amount to nothing if you ultimately fail to meet the needs of your target audience with the content itself.

Ripenn can help you meet those needs and then some.

This streamlined platform not only enables you to collect new ideas for content, but it gives you the means to efficiently execute their ultimate creation and distribution for the greatest impact. Content planning is handled from one straightforward, easy-to-use interface similar to a traditional desktop calendar. You can keep track of content ideas, the content creation progress and even publishing dates all from the same screen — making it easy to visualize where your content is coming from and where it will eventually go.


  • The major strength of Ripenn comes from the way it enables easy collaboration, even among people who work in different departments or locations within the same organization.
  • Everyone can contribute to Ripenn directly from their Web browser of choice after installing one basic extension. If anyone, anywhere has a killer idea for a piece of content, the idea is immediately available to everyone else, so it can be acted on quickly and efficiently.
  • Another plus is Ripenn’s dedicated mobile app, which gives you access to publishing plans and work in progress from any mobile device.


The collaboration features also extends to content creation itself, as the document editor allows teams of people to write together from different endpoints. All versions of a document can be easily managed within the same user interface.

This lets you compare changes, see which user contributed specific elements, and otherwise ensure all pieces of the content puzzle are coming together to create a single, highly effective whole.

Learn more about Ripenn at the Tool Talk Event Wednesday May 13th at The Content Marketing Conference!